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ABQ Good eats
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Time:08:08 pm
Name -  Tokyo Kitchen
Location/address -  8019 Menaul Blvd. NE
Phone/Fax -  323-5441
Type of Food/Beverage sold here -  Japanese

On a scale of 1-10 with one being the worst and ten being the best
Comments on each category under rating.

Service - 10  Friendly and attentive staff

Pricing - 7

Quality -  8

Taste -  7

Cleanliness -  8  I didn't use the bathroom in this place, but the rest of the establishment looked clean. 

Decor/ambiance -  8

Style -  7 I guess

Other comments/story/review -  Tokyo Kitchen offers basic Japanese fare Americans are used to. There is a selection of appetizers, yakisoba and combination plates such as teriyaki chicken, hibachi chicken, teriyaki beef and so on. I had the teriyaki chicken (which came with miso soup, salad, side of fried rice and vegetables) and a Pepsi (free refills). The fried rice seemed fresh, but bland. The vegetables were some grilled broccoli, bean sprouts, carrots. Those were OK. The chicken itself wasn't bad, but it was all dark meat. I didn't think it was too fresh either. Something about the texture and taste led me to think that it had been sitting around in a fridge/freezer for a little longer than a while. Not overly sweet, and garnished with sesame seeds. This plate was very reminiscent of something you would get in the fast food court at the mall, only bigger. 

The salad was a small bowl of American Blend (iceberg, red cabbage, carrots) with some very light, sweet sesame soy dressing. The miso soup was very standard, but was too salty.

Conclusion - I thought this place was just OK. I do recommend it if you want a quick, large dish of teriyaki chicken or beef. I can see myself returning with a friend or family member if we are in the area. I won't go out of my way for it though.

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Subject:three restaurants
Time:10:07 pm
time to blow the dust off abq_eats and post about three restaurants we checked out for lunch this week!

1: Port of Subs is on Central and Vassar, where Quiznos used to be (and where The Cup was long long ago). Good meats, terrible veggie selection. We split a cheesesteak, but since they didn't have bell peppers it was just roast beef and provalone and green chile. I'd say their quality is about on par with what Blimpies was. Sadly not a replacement for Quiznos.

2: Mint Tulip replaced 20 Carrots on Central next to the News Stand. All of the food is vegan, and I'm happy to say that vegan food has come a long way since the last time I tried it 10 or so years ago. I had a veggie burger which was very good despite being a frightening bright red color. My wife had a veggie sandwich which was also very good. Super pricey, though; each of our sandwiches were $9. So although the food was good, it's going to be more of a rare treat restaurant for us than a regular thing.

3: The Cube is on Central and Ash (?). They serve barbecue and gourmet hotdogs, but of which are delicious. I'm very happy to have found a gourmet hotdog restaurant since Top Dog died. I had a Chicago dog which was garnished with dill pickle, onion, ketchup, musturd, relish, and peppers. My wife had a pulled pork sandwich. Both were very very good, and the prices were reasonable. We will definitely be going back there soon.
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Subject:Cafe Istanbul
Time:12:32 pm
I had a mean craving for a labneh fix this morning. Knowing nowhere in town does it as well as Cafe Istanbul I headed out, besides it was on my errands route. When I pulled in to the parking lot I immediately noticed that the window where the cafe area used to be was covered with shelves and groceries. With great trepidation I ventured in, fear gripping my chest. What if they no longer have a deli!?

I was pleased to find a wonderful remodel had taken place. Now there is a clear dining area right in line with the deli counter. There's some very nice booths in addition to the 4-tops they've had for years. The really wonderful thing though, is that they still have the same delicious menu with the same amazing pricing.

Go pay them a visit soon!
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Subject:Thai Vegan ROCKS
Time:09:48 pm
I have to admit that I am totally in love with the food at Thai Vegan, which opened last week at Osuna near San Mateo.

I confess - I've had 4 meals in the past 5 days there!!!

As a vegetarian (not vegan), the menu is diverse, the "faux" meat is delicious, and there are plenty of vegetable-only dishes to choose from too.

I've sampled the Pad Thai, the spring rolls, the golden tofu appetizer, the Cashew "Chicken", the fresh Ginger stir fry, the tempura vegetables, and just keep coming back for more!

Nice decor, clean place, and the food is some of the best Thai I've had here in Albuquerque, vegan or not.
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Subject:Damara Fresh Ethiopian
Time:04:32 pm
I'm not going to follow the form on the profile page because I don't think it would be helpful in this case.

I ate there Saturday. As I threatened, I ordered one of each item, but I had two people with me, so it wasn't as bad (for me) as it could have been.

Overall, service was too chaotic to call it anything but terrible. I showed up early, was first in line, first to be seated, and, as far as I can tell, second to last to be waited on. But it was worse than second to last, because I'd seen people eat, leave, and be replaced while I was still waiting to order. So, early doesn't count for anything. Until they can manage to organize the seating I suggest sitting as close to the windows and wall as possible as that appears to be where they start waiting on tables from.

In addition to not liking the service, I also didn't like the bread they gave us to eat with. In fact I downright hated it. The easy solution for me is to buck tradition and use a fork! They do have forks there, because I saw people eating with them. I found the chicken dish to be the least interesting of the three choices on the menu. I liked the beef dish the most.

I definitely want to go back, but I'm going to wait until they have the routine more ironed-out.
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Subject:Ethiopian Food!
Time:09:09 pm
I hesitate to spread word too fast, because i really want to get a table, and nom nom nom! but..

Albuquerque is one step closer to a Ethiopian restaurant!!!!! At least one night a week!

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Subject:Tropical Sno
Time:03:18 am
Where are these stands located? I know of the one on Wyoming, but where are the others?

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Subject:Food poisoning at County Line
Time:06:15 am
On Saturday we went to County Line with the in-laws and ate lunch.

They didn't bring J the appropriate toppings for his chicken-fried-steak and he was starving so he ate his potatoes without tasting them.

The chicken-fried steak was like leather and basically inedible.
My chicken tasted not like it had been marinated but rather like it had been cooked (over cooked? it was tough) and then soaked in wine and brandy.

These were mostly cooking errors BUT my garlic mashed potatoes, the same ones he ate, tasted really sour. I filled up on bread and have been waiting for food poisoning to hit him and hoping to the universe that I too would not have food poisoning.

They comped the entire bill. His parents were satisfied, but I am not. Food poisoning can be really bad and I was pissed. Even *free* food poisoning is not okay.

Less than 36 hours later, it has him in his clutches-the appropriate time period before food poisoning manifests. I seem okay.

EDIT: Scratch that. Just hit me. Yuck.
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Current Location:5331 Menaul Blvd Albuquerque
Time:10:36 am
Havana Restaurant
(505) 830-2025
5331 Menaul Blvd (Corner of the stripmall with BigLots in it)
Albuquerque, NM 8711
2010-05-03 19.48.23-1.jpg

had to hunt down the place since google maps thought it was in Baillos (turns out its in the corner of the shopping center with Big Lots,

Went in and was greeted with upbeat Cuban music, and a nice decor, with stemmed water glasses and such. I was one of only a few patrons when I sat down,

looked over the menu, Not a huge variety, you pork, beef, chicken, fish, breaded, grilled, shredded... they also had most of the classic Cuban sandwiches.

By the time my food came out the place was nearly packed. apparently its not as good of a secret as I thought it must be since the place was pretty empty when I got there. (this is a good thing, if it sticks around and stays good i will be happy)

I ordered a pork steak, with some blackbeans and rice, and when it came out the pork was very thin, 1/4" thick but huge probably 9"x6", very tender and tasty. The beans and rice were fantastic! she forgot I didnt order plantains, so she brought me some but didnt charge me for them. they to were very good, although i prefer a Puerto-Rican style better.

They tried to convince me to eat some desert, but I was very full. so I told them id try it next time, Wich made them happy.

not super cheap, most dishes are in the 10-14 range, with a few dipping down into $6 , but you do get your moneys worth.
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Time:03:53 pm
Did Nana's Italian restaurant close down? I saw a whole bunch of tables and chairs outside but I couldn't stop.

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ABQ Good eats
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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