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ABQ Good eats

ABQ food gatherings
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This community is for anything Food related. I made it for the main use of posting any and all the little get togethers so many of us do here in town. I will also try to actually setup some potluck gatherings. Also if you have extra food you need to get rid of and don't want to waste you can post here. I may also include some canned food drives and such since this is all about food.

Anyone can join and post. PLEASE look through our current reviews before posting to make sure your restaraunt has not already been posted about. If it has please feel free to post in the same thread about your experience. Use the review outline below for all reviews.

Please post with all info needed if your trying to give away or get food.


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#1 - Name
#2 - Location/address
#3 - Phone/Fax
#4 - Type of Food/Beverage sold here
#5 - Any other info

On a scale of 1-10 with one being the worst and ten being the best
Comments on each category under rating.

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