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Subject:New(ish) Resturant
Time:09:03 pm
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Have any of you been to Marrakech Restaurant yet? It's claiming to be Moroccan and Mediterranean. I have an anniversary coming up and we love Moroccan, but they don't dig on much Mediterranean.
[Specifically, my partner doesn't like oily food, even quality olive oil, and isn't a big fan of many of the flavors frequently associated with Greece.]

Any thoughts?
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Subject:Whoa In-N-Out!..... Almost.
Time:03:02 pm
My friend and I took a "break" today and she wanted lunch at Stop N Go Burgers and Wing. I had never been there but she said the burgers were similar to a Stop N Go chain from California (I remember a Stop And Go Mexico chain, but not a burger chain). Well when I went in I recognized an aroma that you only find at In-N-Out. And the taste was amazing! My Double with cheese was just like a Double Double. My friends "beast" style burger looked just like the "real thing". 

The fries are crispier and more well done, and I believe that's because there's a good chance they are pre-frozen. I've had In-N-Out fries well done, less done (forgot the term used), and normally done, and there is something a little different than Stop-N-Go's version. Still, they were pretty good. And yes, they do have "beast style" fries. The wings weren't that bad. I asked for them well done, and they could have used an extra 3 to 5 minutes in the fryer. I also think they were left sitting for a bit before they were packaged up. But they were pretty decent regardless. They also have a "Burque" burger, which includes green chile.

It may be a copy cat, but given the fact that In-N-Out is not looking to expand here for the foreseeable future, this place can help your cravings. It's located on Central near Old Coors.
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Subject:Downtown breakfasts
Time:12:34 pm
What are the best places to get breakfast downtown?
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Subject:Fish and chips!
Time:10:32 am
So, any restaurant in ABQ or Rio Rancho that makes a good plate of fish and chips? Not Long John Silver quality either.

Thanks so much.
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Subject:new food
Time:04:11 pm
I'm looking for some new pizza and burger places. Particularly NY style pizza. I've already been to Giovanni's and I liked it. I believe there's a NY style pizzeria on Coors over by West Mesa H.S. Anyone been there? Any other NY style pizzerias in town? Anybody been to that new place called Slices on Central?

As for burgers, who's better; Griff's or Rex? How about that place that's home of the Wimpy burger?

Sorry, but a couple of names escape me right now.

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Current Location:Rio Rancho, NM, USA
Time:10:37 am
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Has anyone been to Japengo? If so, any comments?
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Subject:El Pollo Real
Time:11:52 am
#1 - El Pollo Real
#2 - 600 Lousiana bvd SE
#3 - 505-266-2305
#4 - Some Mexican/Newmexican Fare, but Specializes in Columbian foods
#5 - Hours 11am-8pm M-Su

Website is kinda broken, but maybe they are working on it.

Service -7 Got there and we were the only ones, 7:15pm on a Thursday, The tv was blaring loudly some spanish show, we sat ad far from it as possible, Th waitress acted in experienced, but very nice, and had no problem understanding us and was fairly attentive. About 10 minuted into us being there a large family came in, and in short order asked for the tv to be turned down, she complied and we were all quick to thank her!

Pricing -9 some dishes were surprisingly cheap, the rest are just cheap! Plates were in thr $7-11 range, but there were many meal sounding optiosn that were $4 or less.

Quality -6 My dish was a little overcooked, but not badly so.

Taste - 7, Not very spicy, but it was all pretty tasty. Must go back to try their Arepas, (after Cafe Choroni, im addicted to those things!)

Cleanliness - place was freshly painted, and clean.

Decor/ambiance - odd. a few misplaced paintings, and artworks, and some photos of dishes, and a few sombraro hats.

Style - Its the only Columbian food place ive ever been to, but it reminded me of many other ethnic food places, Nice people, good focus on the foods, eager to please.

Other comments/story/review - Found out about it from the writeup in the Local-IQ, Decided to try it out, (turns out its in the same building as a previous place my mom and I tried to go to but it had closed that week, (cant recall what it was called/served then), This time it was open and well lighted, As i mentioned above the Tv was kinda a turnoff, but when they turned it off we became much more happy.
I ordered the Plato Vaquero, (Chicken, sausage, 'meat' yucca, and plantain), yep "meat" not quite sure it was pretty over grilled, but it tasted like it was probably pork. Chicken was great, not surprising with Pollo being their namesake, saussage was good, and the basically tempura dipped yucca was quite good!
Dad ordered the Ropa Vieja, (Shredded beef in a creole sauce rice beans and plantain), rice and beans were good texture and flavor, as was the shredded beef, was a little cold but we also sat pretty far from the kitchen.

Conclusion - Id go back!
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Time:09:08 pm
Where in town has the best variety of pies? Back in ye olde days my family used to go to Heidi Pies (and, as a result, I had German chocolate pie long before I had German chocolate cake), and when they went squish we could still get pie from Marie Calendar's, but I think they've all closed up, too.

Specifically, I'm looking for chocolate meringue pie, but somewhere with a wide variety of pies would be good in case I want some other sort of pie at some other time.

The best variety we've been able to find is at Village Inn, but their pies certainly pale in comparison to Heidi's and Marie Calendar's.
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Subject:downtown delivery
Time:09:46 am
anyone know of any decent places for lunch downtown that deliver?
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Subject:dear albuquerque,
Time:11:34 am
i find your restaurants terribly disappointing. i challenge you to change my mind on the subject. after living in santa fe, san francisco, and new york my standards are rather high.

please inform me of restaurants worth checking out.

things i am interested in finding:

a good new mexican restaurant. given that we are in new mexico, this shouldn't be all that difficult. but my previous attempts have failed me. i've found a few places with decent red chile. but everywhere i've tried is lacking in the green department. i keep hearing recommendations for places that only serve breakfast and lunch...but i work nights, so waking up and eating before 3 is a rare thing for me. the alibi's reviews are useless...they seem to think atmosphere and margaritas are more important factors in a review than the actual food.

any good ethnic cuisines. the more obscure, the better. i like trying new things.

good reasonably priced places. i've had decent food at a lot of the high end restaurants, but cant afford to go to any of them on a regular basis.

a good italian place...preferably somewhere that carries beef carpaccio (other than scalo, because theirs isn't all that good).

much appreciation in advance...my taste buds are depending on you.

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ABQ Good eats
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